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Our story & vision

Joanne embarked on a five-year journey to transform her skin and hair. Despite trying multiple beauty treatments, she was left feeling frustrated with lacklustre results. Determined to uncover the real root of the issue, she delved into her own research and discovered the power of a more integrated holistic approach. Joanne realized that true healing comes from within and that nourishing her body and mind was key to achieving radiant, healthy skin. By focusing on her nutrition and mental well-being, she saw a remarkable transformation.


Jo led the way in a discussion with medical professionals at Joy Skin Clinic, recognizing the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to health. The diverse team at Joy Skin all share a common goal: to help you achieve better health and happiness. This inspired our Three Pillars of Holistic Skin Care philosophy, which aims to address the root causes of visible skin concerns like eczema or acne that may stem from often-overlooked areas of our lives.

Our Vision: We empower each individual to achieve their ultimate skin health and well-being.

Meet Joy Team

Founder of Joy Skin Clinic aka the guinea pig with problematic skin. Founded Joy Skin Clinic with a mission to give people the confidence to take care of their skin without judgement,

Dr Ji

Doctor / Founder of Joy Leaf (Medicinal Cannabis Clinic) - Dr Ji, an experienced Australian-trained GP, provides guidance to all the advanced skin treatments at Joy Skin Clinic. 


Partner of Joy Skin Clinic / Registered Nurse / Founder of Cosmetic Assembly aka the perfectionist barbie who injects. She'll be your first point of contact on your skin journey at JSC.

What is a holistic skin care?

Holistic approach to skincare, in simply terms: It is about getting a positive change by looking at the overall health and wellness of a body, rather than just focusing on the skin. The root cause to skin problems may possibly be having poor digestive system or not having a well-balanced healthy diet. Understanding how stress level can affect how well our skin may react is a vital role to your journey to holistic skin care.


To achieve optimal results in getting health radiant skin, a holistic approach to skin care should be tailored to each individual’s unique needs. A combination of healthy diet, lifestyle modifications, additional therapies and having a good skincare routine can help to achieve healthy, glowing skin from the inside out.


At Joy Skin Clinic, we focus on the three pillars of holistic skin care - Body Wellness, Skin Health and Mind Wellness.


Body Wellness: Focuses on your gut health, immune system, and overall body. Eating nourishing foods, fiber rich foods and dark green vegetables, as well as including healthy fats, is key to a balanced diet to help. Additionally, incorporating raw vegetables into your meal plan can help ensure that you get the most out of the natural ingredients they contain. Herbal remedies can also be beneficial for gut health, and have the potential to improve overall skin health. In short, by combining good gut health, good immune system with a healthy lifestyle, and you start feeling all the good blood flow in your body, that's when you are one step closer to glowing skin!


Skin Health: It is paramount to achieving a holistic approach to skin care. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it acts as a barrier against environmental damage. It's important to be aware of your individual skin type and skin conditions before starting any skincare routine or skin treatments. Skin cells can be damaged by everyday activities such as sun exposure or lifestyle changes, resulting in premature ageing, dark circles, acne, rosacea, eczema, dryness and more. To having healthy skin, start by learning which skin care products is suitable based on your skin concerns. Be sure to also protect yourself from sun damage by wearing sunscreen every day - this is one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin looking young. At Joy Skin Clinic, we help you with the best suited skin treatments based on your skin conditions, and in no time, you can start to see better skin.


Mind Wellness: Mind wellness plays an important role in holistic skin care, as emotional health and chronic stress can be one of the underlying causes to the health of our skin. Reducing stress can help calm the nervous system, prevent hormonal imbalances which helps regulate oil production and promote healthy circulation - both of which are essential for nourishing healthy skin cells. Taking time out of your day to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and environment is important when it comes to achieving holistic skin care - because when we feel good, our skin will too! So don't forget to give yourself the time and attention that you deserve - your skin will thank you!


By focusing on all three pillars of holistic skin care, we are able to help you achieve the ultimate in skin health and wellbeing. Learn more about your journey at Joy Skin Clinic!

Feel our passion

Joy Skin Clinic is a medi-aesthetic skin clinic providing high quality skin treatments and consultations by health practitioners. 

We believe in holistic health that heals the body, mind, spirits and emotions. It is about getting a positive change by looking at the overall health and wellness of a body, rather than just focusing on the skin. 

Start your journey with us with our free initial consultation, where we provide in-depth skin health evaluation, together with the use of AI analysis of your skin with LifeViz® Mini with our registered nurse.

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