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Personalized, Holistic Skincare: Your Needs are Our Focus


What it entails? 

3D imaging with LifeViz® Mini

Only at Joy Skin Clinic, every client is important to us. We make sure that your initial step into our clinic is done right. Visual analysis and having the human's analysis is old school, we bring in advance technology to have a deeper evaluation of your skin with LifeViz® Mini. 

Treatment Plan

We offer a wide range of treatments from skin needling, chemical peels, cosmetic injections and more. No two clients are the same and you will be advised on which treatments will give you the best results possible. We may give referrals to medical professionals and other experts in the body and mind wellness field.

In-depth consultation with the expert

Have a chat with one of our highly trained therapists, who will assess your skin, ask you some questions and give recommendations about nutrition, stress management, prescribe cosmeceutical skincare and skin treatment plan. There is no reason for you to feel nervous or apprehensive, so sit back and relax.

The Initial Consultation

AUD100 | 45 mins

A 45-minute in-depth consultation which includes:

  1. Evaluation of your skin;

  2. 3D imaging of your face with LifeViz® Mini (worth AUD100); and

  3. Skin detox treatment (worth AUD90, 15 mins)

Our nurse will have a chat with you to get to know more about your skin health, body & mind wellness situations. While you're immersing through the skin detoxing session, our expert write out your whole home care prescription and treatment advice.

Although you are not obligated to follow the advice, keep in mind that outcomes do require commitment, and the speed of your results is dependent on your dedication.


*This appointment is only applicable for new clients. For existing clients, please book for The Follow-up Consultation.

The Follow-up Consultation

AUD50 | 20 mins

A 20-minute follow-up consultation which includes:

  1. Reassessment of your skin;

  2. Reviewing of your existing treatment plan; and

  3. Adjustment of treatment plans

We value your time as important as how we value our time on you. This follow-up consultation is also available via telehealth where our nurse can provide the continuous care for you via zoom call or telephone call.

If you're visiting our nurse at our clinic for your follow-up session, feel free to have some add-ons when you are there! (LifeViz® Mini Photo Assessment +AUD100 | Skin Detox Masque +AUD90 (15 mins) | Healite II LED Express +AUD90 (20 mins))

*This appointment is only applicable for existing clients. For new clients, please book for The Initial Consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to book in for initial skin consultation before proceeding any skin treatments that the clinic offers?

Yes, you saw it right. We make initial consultation compulsory for any clients of Joy Skin Clinic. This is because the benefits of commencing your skin journey with a skin consultation weigh more than getting your first treatment without knowing much about your skin health and problem areas. A skin consultation is also a best way to get questions answered and to give yourself peace of mind about the health and appearance of your skin.

What do I need to do prior to my initial skin consultation?

Prior to your initial consultation appointment, you will need to complete a patient intake form. This will help our nurse gain a thorough understanding of your medical history and health concerns, and to discuss with you based on your unique skin concerns.

How do we have a detailed analysis of your skin?

Thanks to award-winning LifeViz®  technology, we use LifeViz® Mini Pro, which is a 3D aesthetic photography system to provide our clients with a personalized 3D skin quality evaluation and insights on: Wrinkles, pores, oiliness, evenness, vascularization, pigmentation and more. We use this edge-cutting technology camera to track the progress of your skin care regimen, detect early signs of aging, and assess how different treatments can help and to monitor your skin health.

What is the detox treatment?

Your time is precious to us. We create this initial consultation with a detox skin treatment with just 15 minutes of your time so you leave looking clean and fresh! The Skin Detox treatment is designed to exfoliate and resurface the skin without excessive post-procedural peeling. This masque smooths and softens the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What will be discussed during the initial consultation?

Achieving healthy skin involves addressing several factors. During our consultation, we'll discuss your skin-related concerns and set achievable goals before identifying how nutritional choices impact skin problems. Then, we will suggest skincare regime that make meaningful changes to your current skin care routine at a cellular level and supplements to enhance your topical treatments. Finally, we will create a tailored treatment plan from our extensive range of options. Whether you require skin needling, chemical peels, or cosmetic injections, we will help you choose the best treatment for your specific needs.

What will be discussed during the follow-up consultation?

During the follow-up consultation, we review your current treatment plan and skin condition. We will check if you are experiencing any side effects or discomfort from treatments while assessing the effectiveness of the products used so far. If necessary, we can suggest a different approach or adjust your existing plan to ensure that you receive optimal results.

Start booking now

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