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About Joy Skin Clinic

What is Joy Skin Clinic?

Joy Skin Clinic is a skin health clinic in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to providing customized holistic integrative approach to skin health treatments and products for clients looking to improve their health and overall appearance. Check out more on About Us!

Where is Joy Skin Clinic located?

We are located at Melbourne CBD, just right where Oaks on Collins, Melbourne is. Just walk towards the lift, and to level 3, our clinic (Suite 313) is located right beside the APSO reception counter. Check out Google Map here!

What is the best way to contact Joy Skin Clinic?

Try emailing us at or call us at 0478 242 201 or 0482 094 960. Otherwise, SMS us at 0482 094 960!

What are your opening hours?

Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm. We are closed on Monday, Sunday and Public Holiday. 

What is holistic integrative approach in skin care?

Read more about holistic integrative approach here!

Are there any lifestyle changes I need to make to support this approach?

Too many from your diet, exercise, making sure you are using the most suitable skin care regime and getting the right skin treatments, getting yourself in a good mental state and the list goes on. We strongly recommend for client to book in for The Initial Consultation for a healthcare specialist to help you through.

Mindbody Account

What is a Mindbody account?

Mindbody is a software app that consumer can register and log in to get access to beauty, wellness, fitness and more. Log in via Mindbody to get access to booking appointment, and keeping track of your skin health journey with Joy Skin Clinic now. 

How do I create an account under Joy Skin Clinic?

Simply get into Mindbody - Joy Skin Clinic to create your account, via your email, Facebook, Google or Apple. Remember to download the Mindbody App to make your access to booking appointment with Joy Skin Clinic easier!

For Apple users - click here. For Android users - click here

How can I manage my existing bookings?

Log into your Mindbody account with Joy Skin Clinic, and manage your booking from there. You can reschedule your appointment, make more purchases too!


How long does a typical consultation last?

Initial Consultation will last around 45 mins, which includes a 3D imaging of your skin taken, and as well as skin detox treatment which takes up 15 mins. Follow Consultation will last around 20 mins. Click here to book your consultation now.

What do I need to prepare for the consultation?

Just yourself, and perhaps some photos of the medications and skin care products that you have been using for the consultation. Do come in with bare skin, without make up so we can conduct the 3D imaging of your skin easily.

What will be discussed during the consultation?

Your skin concerns, nutritional diet, cosmeceutical skincare, supplements, skin treatment plans, and more relating to the three pillars of holistic approach to skin care, which our clinic emphasizes on.

How can I book a consultation?

Simply log into Mindbody and book for your appointment.

How often should I get a skin consultation with a professional at Joy Skin Clinic?

Initial consultation will be required to start on your skin health journey. Subsequently, we strongly recommend to book in for follow up consultation every 3-6 months, so we know you are still in good hands!


Does Joy Skin Clinic provide virtual consultations?

Yes, we do for Follow Up Consultation telehealth, click here to book.

Do you offer any advice on nutrition?

We try to give our best advice on nutrition, and if more attention is required, we will initiate a referral to a qualified dietician.

Skin Treatments

What type of treatments do you provide?

We offer a range of treatments from skin needling to cosmetic injections, including chemical peels and facials. We are hoping to bring in more treatments with excellent results for our clients, stay with us to get updated!

Are your treatments safe and effective?

Our professionals in Joy Skin Clinic thrive to find treatments which are safe and effective, without spending a bomb and getting no results. We constantly listen to our client's feedback and will make changes to the treatment where necessary. 

How long does it take for me to see results from the treatments?

Some treatment takes about a couple of days to see the noticeable results, while some may takes up to a several sessions of treatments. Rest assured that we provide skin treatments that are effective for our clients.

How often can I do the treatments? What are the benefits of getting regular skin treatments at Joy Skin Clinic?

Some treatment may require 2-4 weeks interval. Your cosmetic specialist will advise  you further for the treatments which you are undergoing. You need to understand that one treatment does not do wonder, skin improvement generally happens with regular frequency of skin treatments, including good home skin regime, which our cosmetic specialist is happy to go through with you.

What safety measures do you take during treatments?

Procedures which may have risks of contamination such as skin needling, have been thoroughly assessed within Joy Skin Clinic, and only qualified professionals will be allowed to perform at our clinic. We have a team of healthcare professionals including doctors and registered nurse, who have worked in hospital setting before, and understand all the necessary measures for each procedure.

Can I have out more about the individual skin treatments provided by Joy Skin Clinic?

About Skin Needling with Dermapen 4™ - Please click here

About Phototherapy with Healite II™ LED  - Please click here

About Cosmetic Injections  - Please click here

About Chemical Peels  - Please click here

About Signature Facials  - Please click here

Retail Products

How can I purchase products from Joy Skin Clinic?

Either purchase in person when you are at our clinic, or simply log into your Mindbody account to purchase the item and our lovely staff will arrange with you for pick up at our store.

How do I know which products are suitable for my skin type?

At Joy Skin Clinic, we are highly invested in using high quality skin care products, which iS Clinical has proven itself. We have a trained team of professional who is well versed in iS Clinical products, and will be able to recommend you accordingly. If you are concerned,, we also recommend to do a skin patch test before any application to your face.

Does Joy Skin Clinic offer refunds and returns for products purchased through its website or clinics?

Please check out our Returns and Refunds Policy for more information.


What payment methods do you accept?

In Clinic: We accept Cash, Credit Card via AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos, JCB, UnionPay and Direct Debit

Online: We accept Credit Card payment via AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover

Are there any additional charges or fees associated with the treatments which I have booked for?

The prices indicated on the website for each skin treatment do not include the goods and service tax of 10%. Your final payment via Mindbody will include 10% GST.

Pregnancy & Safety

Are your treatments and products safe during pregnancy? Are there any specific treatments that should be avoided during pregnancy?

Generally most skin treatments are not recommended for pregnancy, however there are some skin treatment which we offer at our clinic may be suitable if you are pregnant. We strongly recommend to seek further advice from our cosmetic specialist.

General Questions

Does Joy Skin Clinic offer gift cards or vouchers?

Yes, we do. Simply log into Mindbody and purchase your gift certificate under the online store tab. Key in the amount that you wish to purchase as a gift voucher, and make the payment. 

Are there any special offers available for first-time clients?

We are currently offering free Initial Consultation with Nurse Bec for new clients, this offer is limited and do book in as soon as you can!

Do you have a loyalty program or rewards system?

We are constantly looking into improving our client's experience at Joy Skin Clinic, and will be venturing into having a rewards program for our loyal clients!

What is your privacy policy?

Please check out on the privacy policy for more information.

How can I stay up-to-date on the latest news and treatments from your clinic?

Subscribe to us, and follow us on social media where we will constantly update on our clinic!

What should I do if I am unhappy with my treatment results after booking an appointment with Joy Skin Clinic?

It is unfortunate to learn that you as a client of Joy Skin Clinic may have experienced unhappiness with the results, and please know that we do not want to give up on you. Please allow us to review your condition again and we will try our utmost best to help you through even if it requires other specialist's assistance. We are here to help.


How do I book an appointment with Joy Skin Clinic?

Simply log into Mindbody and book for your appointment.

What is your cancellation policy for appointments?

Please check out on the cancellation policy for more information.

Do you collect deposit for every appointment made?

Yes, we collect a small deposit for each treatment unless otherwise stated. The balance payment will be required after completion of treatment at our clinic.

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