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Meet Jo, the founder of Joy Skin Clinic and an advocate for skin health. She is from Singapore, and her Singlish lingo still hasn't flown away after living in Melbourne for quite awhile!


Jo understood that skin health can be very personal. Her mission was to create a clinic that gave people the confidence to take care of their skin without judgement. That's why she founded Joy Skin Clinic – so more people could access advanced treatments such as chemical peels, facials, cosmetic injections and hair treatments - in a non-judgemental space.

In addition to offering new technologies and treatments that help patients meet their skin goals, Jo also ensures that her team is up to date with the latest research findings so they are able to offer informed advice every step of the way.

Fun Fact: Jo graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Newcastle, and is currently a director of family-owned building consultancy in Singapore. With a love of badminton, Jo took part in competitive tournaments since she was just seven years old. Now she has put her racket down and focused on helping others with their own skin problems. Jo is also an avid yogi.


She understands deeply the importance of physical and mental health, which is why she strives to make Joy Skin Clinic a place where people can find relief from both physical and psychological skin problems (solving problem like an Engineer - trade habits)!



Founder of Joy Leaf

Meet Dr. Ji, an experienced Australian-trained GP and the founder of Joy Leaf - a tele-health-based clinic that provides product-agnostic, non-judgemental and individually tailored treatment plans for patients across Australia.

As an authorised prescribing doctor for medicinal cannabis and nicotine at Joy Leaf Clinic, Dr. Ji is passionate about optimising physical and mental health and well-being of his patients. The joy he finds in healing patients is immeasurable.

In addition to his work at Joy Leaf, Dr. Ji is also the leading medical practitioner at Joy Skin Clinic, where patients can expect advanced skin treatments such as facials, chemical peels, cosmetic injections and hair treatments - all under the expert guidance of Dr. Ji!

Dr. Ji is a true polyglot, speaking fluent Korean, English and a little of German. If you are comfortable in any of those languages, then you have Dr. Ji!


Fun Fact: Dr. Ji began playing the cello at six years old in Germany and was part of a Doctor's Orchestra during his university days in Australia. He is from Korea and has a love for Korean food, particularly rice cake! He then studied in Malaysia for eight years before relocating to Australia to pursue his medical career. During this time he lived in several places around the country, such as Newcastle, Gold Coast and Rural Victoria - which has made him a true Aussie!


Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Specialist

Founder of Cosmetic Assembly

Meet Rebecca, founder of her own cosmetic injections clinic and also we are very fortunate to have her as our amazing in-clinic Registered Nurse (RN). She'll be your first point of contact on your holistic health journey at Joy Skin Clinic. Whether you're looking for cosmetic treatments or have questions about inner health, Rebecca is passionate about gifting her clients with confidence and will work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized to your unique needs.

When you first meet Rebecca, she'll greet you with her warm smile and ask some important questions to get to know you and your skin well, so we can work towards achieving your desired results.

Rebecca is an expert in all things cosmetic and inner health. As our Cosmetic Specialist at Joy Skin, she uses her skills in Injectables, Hair and skin cell rejuvenation with skin needling, phototherapy and nutrition to help you look and feel fresh.

Did you know that your skin, as the largest organ, reflects the health of your gut? Besides keeping your appearance youthful, Rebecca believes that good health and good skin starts with the gut. That's why she will discuss your Gut Health with you and recommend some helpful tips to maintain optimal gut health.

Fun Fact: Rebecca is a fitness enthusiast who competed in her first powerlifting competition in 2017, where she placed 3rd! Nowadays, she incorporates yoga and running into her daily routine to keep herself healthy and energized. Her favorite food is olives, so if you love olives too, you'll have something to chat about!

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